Employee Engagement

Each year Orchard plans a series of employee engagement programs designed to energize and motivate our employees to do their best work. We have a firm belief in motivating our people to support their teammates and align personal interests with the collective workplace. We hold regular staff luncheons and participate in external functions such as volunteer programs with the Family Giving Tree, Guadalupe Creek Cleanup Project, and Silicon Valley Food Bank.

We also maintain specialty practice groups for Administrative, Accounting and Property Management professionals that provide formal and informal training, guidance and mentoring, keeping an open dialogue for process improvement. Recognition of major holidays with an element of fun including decorating contests and celebrating special events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, new babies are regularly held. These engagement programs help align our value system with our employees’ personal interests to create a family culture leading to loyalty, commitment, job satisfaction and career growth.

What our employees say about us:

I have been fortunate to work for Orchard Commercial for six and a half years, and was especially fortunate to get to know Joe Lewis and discover the kind of man he was. I learned quickly that Orchard Commercial was based on a firm ethical foundation of doing the right thing and giving back. The company culture is work hard, then play hard. I have never before experienced the same high level of cooperation and teamwork. The only three rules are: no prima donnas, no blame, and no rumors. My constant thought has been that I wish I had discovered and joined Orchard about 15 years earlier. This is a great place to work, with a great team of people, making it fun to come into the office.

— Margaret Hardy, Property Manager

I have had the privilege and fortune to work at Orchard Commercial the past 22 years. Not only did I find a career at this company, but I also found family. The people who work at Orchard are a dynamic melting pot of personalities who work cohesively to get the job done. Each project is meet with contagious enthusiasm and refreshing attitude. I had the blessing to meet and work for Joe Lewis from the very beginning, as he built Orchard Commercial and instilled his ethos of integrity, honor, generosity and teamwork. The spirit and camaraderie of this company has made me feel at home and I will aways be grateful to be part of such a vibrant workplace.

— Caroline Barron, Accounts Payable Supervisor

Orchard is my second family. The values established by Joe Lewis are core to the day-to-day operation of the company, even in his absence. We operate as a team, supporting and encouraging each other regardless of the department you work in. The executive team is always available with an open door policy for anyone. We work and play hard, adhering to the 2 rules I learned about over 20 years ago: no prima donnas and no blame. Orchard and its team are second to none.

— Katy Jessup, Vice President in Property Management/Operations